5.62 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 5,651,020,000
Volume 24h
$ 3,027,600,000
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
BitTorrent is a TRON-affiliated blockchain project for peer-to-peer file sharing. BitTorrent’s protocol is empowering a new generation of content creators with the tools to distribute their content directly to others on the web. BitTorrent’s new BTT token will allow BitTorrent peers to incentivize activities that lead to better file sharing, like using faster networks and enabling longer seeding periods. This integration of ”BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and the TRON blockchain network via a set of BitTorrent protocol extensions, a custom token, and an in-client token economy” aims to benefit each of their 100 million monthly active users (MAU) across 138 countries. BitTorrent is introducing a TRON TRC-10 cryptographic token called BitTorrent (BTT) to act as a general purpose mechanism for transacting in computing resources shared between BitTorrent clients and any other participating service requesters and service providers. BTT will be the unit which denominates transactions for the provision of different services in the BTT-enabled BitTorrent ecosystem. BTT will be made available as a divisible token allowing for very fine-grained pricing for an evolving set of services within a liquid market of service requesters and service providers. BitTorrent Inc. will be deploy an “on-chain/off-chain exchange” which exists to facilitate the transfer of tokens between a high-performance private ledger and the public TRON blockchain
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