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January 27, 2014
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Huntercoin is a cryptocurrency which incorporates Human Mining. It is also known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Cryptocurrency Game (MMOCG). In the game, humans can control hunters to harvest coins using strategy, time and teamwork. It has 1 minute block times with a total 10 coins per block – 1 to the miner and 8.75 to the Map. It is also machine-mineable and has dual algorithm - SHA-256 and scrypt. Each algorithm has a separate difficulty with both targeting 2 minute blocks, giving an average of 1 minute blocks. Both algorithms are merge-mineable with Bitcoin and Litecoin. There is a total of 42 million coins. When a Hunter harvests coins and brings them back to a spawn area, the coins will materialize in their wallet - Miners will receive 10% of these ‘banked’ coins. When a Hunter is killed, 4% of the coins held will be taken by miners. The rest will be dropped to the ground.