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Karma (formerly Karmacoin) is a digital currency that is share with the people and things that are important. It acts as a reward system for people and groups to do good things. Karma aims to be the global "currency with heart" and a platform for the Good Economy. Karma makes it easy to send small amounts of money to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, charities, and other causes. "Give+Karma" will be enabled via the 5 elements of the Karma ecosystem: a) Tipping - Internet tipping systems for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Reddit b) Donating - Karmafund.me (Donate to a cause or charity) c) Buying/Selling -"Trade for Good" at Karmatrade.me. A way to exchange Karma for products/services. Proceeds benefit the Karmafund. d) Sharing - Karmashare.me (P2P donations) e) P2P Finance - Karmapay.me (P2P microfinance and merchant system)
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