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March 1, 2017
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XTRABYTES is a project that most people have never heard of, yet it has the potential to render all of the top cryptocurrencies obsolete. XTRABYTES is a completely decentralized, secure platform that has real world use, as it is scalable, with a transaction volume capacity that is head and shoulders above other crypto platforms. The XTRABYTES platform is designed to be built upon through D-Apps that can be written in nearly any programming language. From the X-CHANGE, a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform (DEX), to the X-VAULT, a secure, encrypted data storage, XTRABYTES offers it all. Since most people in the cryptocurrency space have not heard of XTRABYTES yet, this project is highly undervalued. With its grand vision, XTRABYTES is focused on solving all of the most pressing issues in the cryptocurrency world. Since the XTRABYTES project is still in its infancy, it is highly undervalued at the moment. With the potential to unseat the top cryptocurrencies on the market due to its innovative tech, XTRABYTES is the most exciting project in the industry right now. XtraBytes (XBY) is different because the XBY isn’t presented as another security coin, rather, it is a fully-fledged platform that can be applied in unlimited fields. The platform will also make it possible for users to integrate any known coding language, in the process eliminating the limitations that other projects face. The fact that XtraBytes (XBY) transactions can be confirmed instantly using a technology that can complete up to 10,000 transactions per second is another selling point. Its transaction speed is far beyond what Ripple (1500 tps) has to offer. In addition to that, the developers of the platform also claim that their system can repel up to 51% attack preventing any forks in the future.
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